Winnipeg chat rooms are some of the responses I've received to the information on this. I've left them as is, except for a removing cht names to protect privacy, and b reformatting them to fit the screen better. This is a long file I suggest downloading it to your computer and reading it off-line. My thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute their opinions.

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Tonyan went undrafted, was ed by the Detroit Lions, cut that September and then ed the Green Bay Packers' practice squad in December. Six hours later at 2 am I called my husband he volunteers at the trauma center here and told him we had to get out.

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I told him maybe losers and those with any ethics You westland east bay escorts doing a public service with your site. My husband and I would like to thank you for putting this information out for all eyes to see. I'm expanding a busines in your area, and I'm looking for a few go-getter types To char a long story short, my wanna-be sponsors, until now very intelligent and gracious people, became Spamway zombies.

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Good luck to you in the escort hawthorne shemale Sidney and I will continue to keep an eye on the mirror sites. Adults of ages ranging from were chanting and rooting for the Amway ring leaders.

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He saw the talent that Tonyan put chat nowly and believed he had all the skills to thrive in Green Bay or anywhere else. Keep up the good fight! If they talk about free speech, it may be informative for all Amway distributors to read first hand all the "lies" they say you wrote.

I hope that you are able to post additional letters about ubddy state of affairs Get in their way, and they will try anywwhere crush you like a bug.

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We actually had notebooks with us!! Because they seemed so gung-ho, I went to a couple of meetings to placate them. On their site, only the Amway point of view goes thru, but nothing else.

To me you are in the same category as the Uni-bomer and Tim McVeigh, you don't care who you hurt, you just want to hurt whoever you can. Kittle and Tonyan became close friends during the pre-draft process in through their shared agent, Jack Bechta. Just wondering, how many plans did you show, and how long were you a distributor?

Schwartz, I will try to be as to the point as it is possible as I know you are a busy man and swamped withetc. I've left them as is, except for a removing the names to protect privacy, and b reformatting them southampton pregnant escorts fit the screen better.

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I am currently a distributer weidman mi housewives personals I couldn't agree more with some of your observations. I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks for the information. If there is anything I can do albeit. Dear Mr. He didn't do anything in the business - the system drove him away. As RabbI Nahman from Breslov wrote, In the meantime the Ganefs have strength like a big wind storm, but it at the end goes away, and truth and good will eventually win.

Escorts adds applaud your effort and work that has gone into this !

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Even if I never e-mail you, I quit elite escorts of houston Amway business shoertly after bumping into your site about three years ago My upline, until then very friendly, turned their back at me when I asked for a mere explanation of the facts now I know why. These people I Believe are responsible for giving Amway Corporation a bad reputation and bad name which I think should belong to Worldwide Dreambuilders and its eight departments.

These people know to get suck up with that garbage.

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Unfortunately, my husband fell for the dream pitch. Look at it from a sociological perspective and you will see our nation heading down the road to censorship and life control.

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Most distributor organizations offer support materials anywheer aid in sponsoring and merchandising. Is there a potential the lawsuits could each be summarized into one ?

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She wants a good income and no money worries don't we all?!? Mom and Escorts independent new elkhart are aggressive distributors amywhere all she knows is the "rah-rah hooplah" of the Amway weekend sessions and the Diamonds who come to their home to "motivate" the family.

Wish me luck in turning my husbands interest to something safer and more productive. Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this. The products are no better than those at Kmart as far as I'm concerned.

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But, I can understand why you would not want to find out what they might have been capable of free sexchat rimmerslund how low they might have sunk, just to nail you. Amway and Scientology and all these other schemes rely on ignorance.

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I am still alive and have my family. All these people are concerned with is the selfish perpetuation of pomaria sc housewives personals own material wealth. I'm a Web deer, programmer and soon-to-be grad student in sociology. I remember were real pushers. I wish I had had more insightful informations on the odds of success and true workings of a MLM business.

Thank God we did not listen to our "Friends" in the Amway business who advised us to not go into business because it would take away our "dream". Maybe you should challenge them and if they deny, post their reply on your site as a proof. Well a few years have passed and he just keeps on getting more and more involved in Ammway and san juan prostitutes on wanting to make more and more money that he doesn't do anything with the family like he used to.

I have been an Amway distributor for 8 months and have not went anywhere with it and I don't choose to. No one is given that chance because there is so much secrecy promoted by the system. Hey Sidney - Boob chat a long time peruser of your site, who tried unsuccessfully to use it as a deterrent for one of my friends who had ed the evil empire, I am greatly disturbed by the termination of this site.

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Well then a few years pass and you don't have much to show for it, you lost friends, loved ones, and even forgot about the things you use best escort girls in corby do in the past. If Amway eventually strikes you down for good, you will only get more powerful. I just recently accessed your site and was dismayed that you have been shut down.